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11.3.17 Talking Green: Top 10 tips for greening your holidays (Steamboat Today)

10.15.17 Fairview neighborhood in Steamboat shows off green homes (Steamboat Today)

9.27.17 Trash audit in Steamboat aims to divert waste from landfills (Steamboat Today)

9.22.17 Community Agriculture Alliance: Reduce, recycle and dispose of household hazardous waste properly (Steamboat Today)

9.19.17 Economics upstage environmental concerns in power plant closures? (Steamboat Today)

9.18.17 Talking Green: Community Recycling Drop-Off set for Sept. 23 (Steamboat Today)

8.6.17 Northwest Colorado Food Coalition: Looking upstream – waste reduction strategies (Steamboat Today)

8.2.17 Waste Reduction Round-Up set for August 19 (Steamboat Today)

7.20.17 Organics recycling – it’s not one size fits all (Steamboat Today)

7.11.17 Zero waste effort hampered by lack of market demand for food composting in Steamboat (Steamboat Today)

7.3.17 Fresh look at conservation – 4 ways anyone can do to make a difference (Steamboat Sotheby’s International Reality)

6.30.17 Composting in bear country (Steamboat Today)

6.29.17 Help make Steamboat summer events more sustainable (Steamboat Today)

6.11.17 Plan ahead during spring cleanup (Steamboat Today)

5.22.17 Spring snow does not preclude summer water conservation (Steamboat Today)

4.30.17 Simple action, huge savings (Steamboat Today)

4.16.17 Yampa Valley Sustainability Council’s Earth Month kicks off Tuesday (Steamboat Today)

4.9.17 “One Big Home” documentary resonates for Routt County  (Steamboat Today)

3.30.17 Options exist for turning organic waste into energy (Steamboat Today)

3.10.17 Yampa Valley CARES about the energy needs of its residents (The Community Office for Resource Efficiency)

2.9.17 Wasting food wastes everything (Steamboat Today)

1.23.17 YVSC launches campaign to reduce household food waste (Steamboat Today)

1.11.2017 Sustainability awards honor volunteers who elevate Yampa Valley community (Steamboat Today)

12.15.206 LEEDing the Way (Homelink)

11.11.2016 Free DIY weatherization clinic offered for homeowners, landlords in Routt County (Steamboat Today)

10.22.2016 Building department moves toward codes upgrade (Steamboat Today)

10.2.2016 Livewell Northwest Colorado: Food waste to energy (Steamboat Today)

9.23.2016 Talking Green: U.N. renewable energy advisor to speak Sept. 27 (Steamboat Today)

02.09.2016 YVSC Green Building Program Kicks Off 2016 w/ Industry Trainings (Valley Voice)

01.22.16 Nature Conservancy leader discusses land management effects on climate (Steamboat Today)

01.06.16 Business, individuals honored for sustainability efforts (Steamboat Today)

11.06.15 Twin takes greater role in recycling (Steamboat Today)

10.29.15 CSU Speaker tracks greenhouse gas (Steamboat Today)

09.24.15 CAA: It’s time to recycle (Steamboat Today)

09.21.15 City participating in program to grade on sustainability (Steamboat Today)

09.09.15 Cen$ible Energy Program encourages rebate applicants (Steamboat Today)

09.03.15 Tour de Steamboat brings in big numbers (Steamboat Today)

09.01.15 Preservation Green Labs (Valley Voice)

08.24.15 ReTree program heads to the classroom (Steamboat Today)

08.01.15 Why do we try for Zero? (Valley Voice)

07.25.15 YVSC tours backyard chicken coops (Steamboat Today)

07.01.15 Household Hazardous Waste and new Paint Care Program (Valley Voice)

06.08.15 YVSC expands ReTree program (Steamboat Today)

06.01.15 Censible Energy and Energy Smart (Valley Voice)

05.14.15 Hayden Students Plant Future (Steamboat Today)

05.06.15 Alternative Fuels and Technology Auto Expo (Steamboat Today)

05.05.15 ReTree Steamboat to become year long endeavor (Steamboat Today)

05.01.15 ReTree Steamboat Time! (Valley Voice)

04.03.15 Talking Green Excels (Steamboat Today)

04.01.15 Feed People Not Landfills (Valley Voice)

03.22.15 Turn out the lights! (Steamboat Today)

03.01.15 Tour de Steamboat (Valley Voice)

02.02.15 YVSC Hosts Passive House Talk (Steamboat Today)

02.01.15 Continuing the discussion on Recycling (Valley Voice

01.01.15 The Gold Standard in Energy Efficiency (Valley Voice)

12.04.14 Locals recognized for sustainability efforts (Steamboat Today)

12.01.14 Continuing Sustainability (Valley Voice)

11.14.14 Recycling at 13% (Steamboat Today)

11.13.14 Take Charge Energy Challenge (Steamboat Today)

11.1.14  Zero Waste Program packs a punch (Valley Voice)

10.10.14 Local Food highlight for 2014 Soup Bowl Supper (Steamboat Today)

10.1.14  10 Ways to Prep your Home for Winter (Valley Voice)

9.1.14 Why Recycling ain’t free (Valley Voice)

8.29.2014 Recycle Drop Off Spots (Steamboat Today)

8.1.2014 The Future of Real Estate – the Green MLS (Valley Voice)

7.23.14 Community Members Intrigued by High Speed Rail (Steamboat Pilot)

7.21.14 YVSC to host panel on Alternative Transportation (Steamboat Pilot)

07.01.14 Six Ways you can bring Sustainability Home for Summer (Valley Voice)

6.08.14 ReTree forest takes root (Steamboat Pilot)

06.06.14 Green team students in active role with environmental issues (Steamboat Today)

06.01.14 It’s not just about planting trees (Valley Voice)

5.10.14 Green Machines go away (Steamboat Pilot)

5.08.14 ReTree 2014 (Steamboat Today)

5.1.14  Green Machines (Valley Voice)

4.22.14 RC Greenlights for new Recycling Facility (Steamboat Today)

4.18.14 Milner planning its own Recycling Baler (Steamboat Today)

3.10.14 Sustainability Matters (Steamboat Today)

3.8.14 Youth Green Team Eco Summit (Steamboat Today)

2.14.14 More than 20 miles of highway available for adoption (Steamboat Today)

2.14.14 Planning ahead for Colorado’s water supply (Steamboat Today)

2.13.14 Energy Ninjas make reduction fun (Steamboat Pilot)

2.11.14 Solar Garden planned for Craig attracts buyers (Steamboat Today)

1.26.14 Front Range-based farmer hopes to inspire innovation (Steamboat Today)

1.22.14 Finding the ‘Bottom Line’ with CSU’s Cary Weiner (Steamboat Today)

1.11.14 The true cost of recycling, Pilot Editorial staff (Steamboat Today)

1.8.14 New recycling fee puts pressure on Green Machine (Steamboat Today)

1.1.14 Live Simply Challenge 2 (Valley Voice)

1.1.14 Energy Programs (Valley Voice)

12.10.13 Idling Cars in Winter not the Answer (Steamboat Today)

12.08.13 Colorado Gives Day includes 12 Routt County nonprofits (Steamboat Today)

12.1.13 Live Simply Challenge (Valley Voice)

11.14.13 Greening your holidays (Steamboat Pilot)

11.12.13 Green Building Tour showcases extreme energy efficient homes (Steamboat Today)

10.13.13 Recycling Day at hit in Steamboat (Steamboat Today)

10.02.13 Energy Efficiency presentation to county commissioners (Steamboat Today)

10.01.13 Community Drop Off Day (Valley Voice)

09.12.13 The Trees are Thriving (Steamboat Today)

9.03.13 Data Sense: Yampa Valley electricity use surges ahead (Steamboat Today)

8.22.13 TG to focus on food from genetically engineered crops (Steamboat Today)

6.25.13 Electronics recycling available in Yampa Valley (Steamboat Today)

6.23.13 Demystifying the Green Machine (Steamboat Today)

06.10.13 ReTree 2013 Images (Steamboat Today)

6.01.13 Local Food are you aware? (Valley Voice)

5.24.13 Finalist for book award to speak in Steamboat on Water (Steamboat Today)

5.3.13 College professor’s new all-electric car first Nissan Leaf in Routt County [Board Member Jeff Troeger] (Steamboat Today)

5.1.13 Forests one tree at a time (Valley Voice)

4.24.13 Combat grocery bag forgetfulness (Steamboat Today)

4.4.13 Making the most of the season (Steamboat Today)

4.1.13 Spring Thaw Shows what lies underneath, (Valley Voice)

3.18.13 ReTree Steamboat could receive $5000 (Steamboat Today)

3.7.13 Call for plan to strengthen economy through sustainability (Steamboat Today)

3.3.13 The Big Picture (Steamboat Today)

3.1.13 Support Mother Earth/Turn off the lights, (Valley Voice)

2.24.13 Harvesting the Sun, (Steamboat Magazine)

2.23.13 Our View: Grading on the curve for ski area sustainability (Steamboat Today)

2.22.13 Sustainability up for discussion at Talking Green Event (Steamboat Today)

2.1.13 This Year’s Resolution (Valley Voice)

1.1.13 Spare the Air for all our lungs (Suzie Romig for Valley Voice)

12.22.12 Talking Green Consumers should think before buying (Suzie Romig for Steamboat Pilot)

12.1.12 Recycling Batteries (Homelink, Winter)

12.1.12 In Routt County your trash ain’t nuthin but cash (Steamboat Pilot)

12.1.12 Go Green this Holiday with YVSC, (Valley Voice)

11.30.12 6 small towns make a Green Impact (Earth 911)

11.1.12 Wave of Change: Alternatives in Energy, (Valley Voice)

10.23.12 Steamboat briefs: Volunteers needed for tree identification at Howelsen

10.9.12 Drop off Day a Huge Success (Steamboat Pilot)

10.1.12 The Green Building Tour is Back! (Valley Voice)

10.4.12 Community Recycling Event (Steamboat Pilot)

9.13.12 Developing a Vision of Sustainability (Steamboat Pilot)

9.1.12 Developing your Sustainable Vision (Valley Voice)

8.24.12 Antigrowth Documentary and Potluck (Steamboat Pilot)

8.10.12 YVSC E.D. Sarah Jones featured in Women Rocking the Boat (Steamboat Magazine)

8.1.12 Water, Precious Water (Valley Voice)

7.25.12 July Talking Green Garden Tour and Talks (video, TV 18)

7.1.12 Talking Green 2012 (Valley Voice)

6.9.2012 Steamboat Today: ReTree Steamboat focuses on quality planting

6.2012 Green Thumbs: Get Involved-Retree Steamboat (5280 Magazine)

6.1.12 Zero Heroes are allowed to wear capes this summer (Valley Voice)

5.31.12 Nurture your own baby forest – Retree Steamboat (Steamboat Today)

5.2.12 Routt County Cleanup Day (Steamboat Today)

5.3.12 Resiliency is the theme (Talking Green May) (Steamboat Today)

5.1.12 Andy Kennedy featured in BoatPeople (Steamboat Magazine)

5.1.12 3rd Annual Retree Steamboat (Valley Voice)

3.30.12 Denver grocer stresses benefits of locally grown food (Steamboat Today)

3.26.12 Steamboat talk to focus on sustainable groceries (Steamboat Today)

3.20.12 Sarah Jones announced as new Executive Director, Carol Lacey as new ZWI Coordinator (Steamboat Today)

3.2.12  ReTree Steamboat: Planting a Tree Near You (Steamboat Today)

2.29.12 Leadership Steamboat takes on downtown recycling (Steamboat Today)

2.28.12 Steamboat elementary, high school students team up to build energy bikes  (Steamboat Today)

2.13.12  SSRC’s Zero Waste Initiative  (CNN)

1.24.12 Sustainability expert: ‘Standard approaches aren’t enough’ (Steamboat Today)

1.23.12 Sustainability director for Aspen to speak in Steamboat on Tuesday (SteamboatToday)

1.19.2012 Talking Green on TV 18

12.14.11 Yampa Valley Sustainability Council launches Zero Waste Party Packs

12.9.11 Yampa Valley Sustainability Council announces winners

12.5.11 Sustainability council suggests tree donations as holiday gift

11.30.11 Council accepting nominees for its sustainability awards

11.19.11 Tom Ross: It’s all about the turkey

11.10.11 “The Greenest Building”

11.8.11 Compost pickup program to expand to residence in Steamboat

10.29.11 Community Recycle

10.27.11 Community recycling event is Saturday

10.27.11 Community Agriculture Alliance: Local foods bring local potential

10.23.11 Community recycling day is Saturday at Howelsen

10.14.11 YVSC Names New Board Members

9.22.11 Taste of Sustainability

9.3.11 Community Agriculture Alliance: Inside the Sustainability Council

8.11.11 Zero Waste on TV18

7.1.11 Community Agriculture Alliance: Go zero with the Zero Waste Initiative

6.12.11 ReTree ReTree Steamboat volunteers plant 3,000 trees

6.10.11 Steamboat’s Mainstreet Farmers Market returns Saturday

6.8.11 ReTree Steamboat to return Saturday

5.26.11 Community Agriculture Alliance: Don’t retreat, ReTree

5.21.11 Rain doesn’t dampen recycling event in Steamboat

5.19.11 Recycle, cleanup events nearing in Steamboat

5.11.11 Earth Day never ends in Steamboat Springs

4.30.11 ReTree event is scheduled for June 11

4.27.11 Sustainability efforts in full swing at Steamboat School

4.8.11 Yampa Valley Sustainability Council grows 1 step at a time

11.10.10 Electronics, phones and more accepted at recycling collection

10.10.10 Moots Cycles adds solar panels to Steamboat office

10.10.10 Group takes educational tour to visit Steamboat gardens in action

10.06.10 Trio of events in Steamboat focus on homegrown food

9.28.10 Sustainability Council hosts events in Steamboat

9.26.10 Business File: Sustainability Council to host fundraiser and tour

9.17.10 Steamboat Today: Community Agriculture Alliance: October brings sustainability

9.3.10 Harvest Social features homegrown potluck Sept. 10 in Steamboat

8.15.10 Yampa Valley Zero Waste Initiative helps minimize trash at concerts

6.28.10 Taking out the trash: Zero Waste Initiative leading waste reduction efforts at local summer events

6.23.10 Editorial: Promoting a culture of green

6.7.10 Recycling event hits Steamboat

6.4.10 Retree event shaping up

6.4.10 Steamboat Ski Corp’s Wahl named Recycler of the Year

5.24.10 Steamboat cleans up for spring

5.19.10 Our View: Sustaining Sustainability

5.17.10 Event in Steamboat to focus on oil’s aftermath

5.16.10 Sustainable Events – Steamboat’s Earth Day Weekend

5.05.10 Steamboat Honored for Zero Waste Initiative (The Ski Channel)

4.29.10 Local sustainability council hires its 1st staff member

4.16.10 Earth Conscious

3.26.10 Promoting Earth Hour

3.19.10 Join in for Earth Hour

3.19.10 Re-Tree Colorado

1.24.10 This year in Talking Green

1.23.10 Garbage Dreams

11.21.09 New Pioneer Awards include YVSC Board Chair Ashby

11.13.09 Talking Green: Recycling 101

9.26.09 2nd Sustainability Summit

9.26.09 Tom Ross reflects on Greensburg KS

9.21.09 Sustainability Summit’s Solutions and Greensburg KS

9.9.2009 Talking Green on TV18

8.10.09 Talking Green: Rocking C Bar Ranch

7.23.09 Tree Planting Grant Awarded to Tristan Frolich

7.10.09 Frolich is one of Nat’Geo’s Green Effects Finalists

6.19.09 Who is YVSC?

6.18.09 Zero Waste Initiative

5.30.09 YVSC history/Green Team

9.17.08 Sustainability Summit

7.15.08 Sustainability Collaboration

3.09.08 Steamboat’s Green Scene


Other Steamboat Green Articles that YVSC is proud of:

5.16.10 Transition Steamboat, Transitioning from Peak Oil

2.21.10 Community Gardens sprout all over Routt County

8.09.09 Library’s $84mil. Solar Panel System

12.02.08 City takes steps towards green building

3.04.07 YVSC’s Angela Ashby awarded EcoBroker designation

8.18.06 City Passes Green Team’s Sustainability Plan