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Climate fighters look local with community compact, away from inflamed federal rhetoric

YVSC, with representatives from City Council and Steamboat Chamber Resort Association attended the Colorado Communities Symposium.  We were impressed by the statewide work on climate mitigation and resilience and encouraged to work on climate action locally. Article adapted from the Vail Daily AURORA — Washington, D.C. is a dumpster fire, so if you want to […]

Changing climate impacts human health

Article written by Diane Miller for Steamboat Today The American Public Health Associationrecently declared that climate change represents “the nation’s greatest public health challenge.” But, how exactly does a changing climate affect health? According to the World Health Organization, health threats from climate change include increased heat-related illness, injury and illness from intensifying weather-related disasters […]

Save food, save money, save the climate

Article adapted from the Steamboat Today A third of the food raised or prepared does not make it from farm or factory to fork. Yet, people who need food are not getting it, and food that is not getting consumed is heating the planet. So, what can we do? In 2018, the Yampa Valley Sustainability […]

Climate change challenge: Scientist calls on Steamboat audience to tackle the issue like their ancestors

Article adapted from the Steamboat Today Written by Tom Ross STEAMBOAT SPRINGS — Atmospheric scientist Scott Denning challenged an overflow audience of more than 100 at Library Hall in Steamboat Springs on Tuesday to rise to the level of the historic enterprises their grandparents and parents undertook to transform American society and meet the global […]

CSU professor explains “Simple, Serious, Solvable” climate change

Colorado State University Professor Scott Denning devotes hundreds of hours each semester researching and teaching about a serious global issue, yet he works to translate the topic into simple and solvable terms. That simple explanation of a worldwide concern with solvable engineering solutions is what Denning will present at Yampa Valley Sustainability Council’s Talking Green […]

Diane R. Miller: Climate change is not political

Article adapted from Steamboat Today It has just been reported that 2017 was the most expensive year in U.S. history in terms of natural disasters, costing our nation $306 billion. The record-breaking year saw historic storms and flooding in Texas, Puerto Rico and Florida and devastating fires and resultant mudslides in California. More than 320 […]

Take Action on climate change in 2018

Article adapted from Steamboat Today It’s resolution time — fitness, food, finances, personal growth. In 2018, Yampa Valley Sustainability Council is resolved to mobilize our community around climate action. This year, consider making a resolution to reduce your carbon footprint. Below are strategies for taking action on climate change in your daily life. To ensure […]

We must be stewards of the environment

Article adapted from the Steamboat Pilot by Diane Brower The expansive, wild, natural environments of our country have for decades been considered part of what makes America great. Many people who live in places like western Colorado experience a sense of something that surpasses the ordinary when they are immersed in the wonder, beauty and mystery of […]

Don’t substitute opinions for fact when talking about climate change

Article adapted from the Steamboat Pilot by John Spezia What is weather? What is climate? We can get 8 inches of snow on Oct. 1 but wait five minutes, and the weather will change or it can snow any day of the year. This is all weather and describes daily changes in the atmosphere that are varied and unpredictable. […]

The Global Warming Minefield

These times of deadly hurricanes, firestorms and severe drought are linked to global warming, with the prospect of unpleasant surprises ahead. Penn State climate scientist Michael Mann explains to Living on Earth radio host Steve Curwood that the risk is not so much a single tipping point but rather ‘unknown unknowns’ with the power to […]