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We must be stewards of the environment

Article adapted from the Steamboat Pilot by Diane Brower The expansive, wild, natural environments of our country have for decades been considered part of what makes America great. Many people who live in places like western Colorado experience a sense of something that surpasses the ordinary when they are immersed in the wonder, beauty and mystery of […]

Don’t substitute opinions for fact when talking about climate change

Article adapted from the Steamboat Pilot by John Spezia What is weather? What is climate? We can get 8 inches of snow on Oct. 1 but wait five minutes, and the weather will change or it can snow any day of the year. This is all weather and describes daily changes in the atmosphere that are varied and unpredictable. […]

The Global Warming Minefield

These times of deadly hurricanes, firestorms and severe drought are linked to global warming, with the prospect of unpleasant surprises ahead. Penn State climate scientist Michael Mann explains to Living on Earth radio host Steve Curwood that the risk is not so much a single tipping point but rather ‘unknown unknowns’ with the power to […]

Economics upstage environmental concerns in power plant closures?

Article adapted from Steamboat Today  The number of utility companies in the Mountain West announcing plans to shutter coal-fired power plants in the face of competition from increasingly economical natural gas is growing from a steady stream into a river this year. And there may be implications for the coal  and power plant industries in […]

Community Agriculture Alliance: Organics recycling — it’s not one size fits all

Adapted from Steamboat Today Recycling organic waste is a win-win for reducing climate pollution and one of the easiest actions a community can take to reduce its climate impacts. When organic materials, such as food scraps and yard waste, break down in a landfill, they produce methane, a greenhouse gas that traps 84 times more […]

Yampa Valley Electric Association offers Cen$ible Energy rebates for a third year

Article adapted from Steamboat Today, written by Sasha Nelson Craig — Yampa Valley Electric Association is offering residential and small business members Cen$ible energy rebates for a third consecutive year. “In addition to reducing energy use and utility bills across the YVEA territory, the first two years of the program supported local businesses and vendors with […]

Great infographic on reducing your bottled water carbon footprint

From http://earthtalk.org/reducing-your-bottled-water-footprint/

Calculating Greenhouse Gases, the Story of Bread – with CSU NRELs Mark Easter

Tuesday evening we hosted Mark Easter of CSU’s Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory to discuss his extensive knowledge on how agriculture produces greenhouse gases – in the forms of CO2 (Carbon), N2O (nitrogen), CH4 (methane). Easter used the analogy of the Story of Bread, and of what the affect of tilling, planting, fertilizing, applying pesticides, harvesting, transporting, baking, selling and then unfortunately […]

Recycling old buildings is more efficient and sustainable

Last night’s Talking Green (in partnership with Historic Routt County) Creating Sustainable Communities by Investing in Older Buildings with Jim Lindberg, Senior Director of Preservation Green Lab (PGL) at the National Trust for Historic Preservation, highlighted extensive research on and comparisons between the practices of updating older historic buildings versus a new “green” building. Preservation Green Lab seeks to minimize carbon impacts from […]

Why Urban Trees Are So Important

From Sierra Club magazine Trees cover an estimated 20.9 million acres of urban land in the continental United States. That’s 3,659 square feet of urban forest per city dweller—about the size of a not-so-modest four-bedroom house. But like housing, trees are not equally distributed across American cities. Studies have shown that there is a higher […]