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Top 10 tips for greening your holidays

Article adapted from the Steamboat Pilot Written by: Cameron Hawkins, Waste Diversion Director, YVSC T’is the season to decorate, give gifts and travel – a wonderful time to be with family and friends but also a time that increases waste, energy and your carbon footprint. Yampa Valley Sustainability Council has compiled a list of 10 helpful […]

Cen$ible Energy Rebate Program to Re-open January 1

The Cen$ible Energy rebate program provides cash rebates for energy-saving LED lights, four types of Energy Star-certified appliances, programmable thermostats, energy audits and post-audit air sealing. Rebates are available for Yampa Valley Electric Association members to improve energy efficiency in their homes or small businesses. This popular and beneficial program will open again on January 1, […]

An Energy Efficient Gift Guide

Courtesy of Consumer Energy Alliance Having a hard time finding the perfect gift this holiday season? Consider energy-saving gifts that are sure to bring holiday joy while saving your loved ones some hard-earned cash. Here’s a guide for presents that will save money, energy, and the environment this year: 1)  The Energy Department estimates that […]

Top 10 Holiday Home Safety Tips

Courtesy of Energy Outreach Colorado Please keep these tips in mind for a warm, safe and festive holiday season! 1. With family at home for the holidays, make sure you have working carbon monoxide (CO) detectors near bedrooms. CO can’t be detected by smell, taste or sight and can build up to dangerous levels when […]

Guide to Greening Your Holidays

Written by Anne Mudgett, YVSC Program and Development Director In this season of celebration, decoration, gift giving and travel, Americans generate more waste and use more energy. Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, the volume of household waste increases 25%, and 33% more food is thrown away during the holidays. 10 tips to make your […]

The Other 2 Rs – Before you recycle, reduce and reuse

The Other Two Rs Before you recycle, reduce and reuse(Courtesy of Community Office for Resource Efficiency in Pitkin County) Recycling is an important way to reduce waste, but the most effective way is to not create it in the first place. Manufacturing a new product requires energy, and the mining of raw materials. The product must […]

5 ways to green your Fourth of July

From Sierra Club What for many Americans is the highlight of summer—the picnics, parades, and fireworks of the 4th of July—can be less than ideal for the planet. Let Earth in on the celebration this year by making these simple green choices. 1.) Grill intelligently An estimated 60 million people fire up their grills on […]

Sustainability is… The king of Recycling

Second interview in Paul’s Series: Sustainability is… your neighbor  (To view prior post click here) John Spezia is a familiar figure to many in Steamboat. He moved here in 1972, and bought his 800 square foot house in Fairview in 1980. The house was relocated from Milner to Fairview  in 1962, and Spezia speculates that […]

Sustainability is… your neighbor

YVSC Board President Paul Potyen interviews Jim Weishaar–Jack of all Trades, Master of Most It’s not easy to describe Jim Weishaar. To begin with, he’s a retired merchant marine engineer–that’s a guy (usually) who works six months a year on the open sea whose job is to keep the ship working properly (that is, afloat […]

Live Simply Challenge Part 9 – Feeling Simply

For previous posts with our Live Simply Challenge, visit http://www.yvsc.org/calendar/upcoming-events/live-simply-challenge/  This post provided by Bruce Alston MA CH During the holidays, Sarah heard Bruce talk about the “feelings” associated with excesses we experience around the holidays – too much shopping, eating, drinking, etc.  She asked him to write a blog for us.  Here is what he […]