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Yampa Valley Electric Association offers Cen$ible Energy rebates for a third year

Article adapted from Steamboat Today, written by Sasha Nelson Craig — Yampa Valley Electric Association is offering residential and small business members Cen$ible energy rebates for a third consecutive year. “In addition to reducing energy use and utility bills across the YVEA territory, the first two years of the program supported local businesses and vendors with […]

What’s new in renewable energy – first U.S. wave-produced electricity

By Cathy Bussewitz, Associated Press KANEOHE BAY, Hawaii — In the waters off the coast of Hawaii, a tall buoy bobs and sways in the water, using the rise and fall of the waves to generate electricity. The current travels through an undersea cable for a mile to a military base, where it is fed […]

Nonprofit GRID plans local low-income solar project

Yampa Valley Electric Association, GRID Alternatives Colorado  and the Colorado Energy Office are partnering to develop a community solar array that will be 100 percent dedicated to income-qualified YVEA members. Members participating in this program will receive a bill off set from the energy produced by their portion of a community solar array. Find more […]

Panels at Community Solar Array in Craig Start at $601

Did you know that the entry price for solar power in the Yampa Valley Electric Association territory starts at $601? Nearly 80 percent of the capacity of the community solar garden in Craig has been reserved, so a limited number of YVEA members can still purchase panels. Members of YVEA who want access to clean […]

YVEA to sell local hydropower to largest customers

As reported by Tom Ross at the Steamboat Today newspaper Yampa Valley Electric Association has announced that, for the first time, the local electrical cooperative is purchasing the electricity generated by the John Fetcher Power Plant at Stagecoach Reservoir near Oak Creek directly from dam and reservoir owner, Upper Yampa Water Conservancy District. YVEA is proposing […]

Free workshop 9/21 for small businesses, ranchers for energy efficiency, renewables

FREE WORKSHOP:  Learn about Grants and Loans Available through the USDA’s    Rural Energy for America (REAP) Program The REAP program can assist small businesses, farmers and ranchers with energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.  (Not applicable to residential, governmental or nonprofit agencies.)  This program of the USDA Rural Development can cut costs for businesses […]

2014 Clean Energy Collective Green Building Tour a big hit

This is the signature YVSC event that got me involved in YVSC over five years ago – providing an inspiring sneak peek into homes of all kinds, sizes, and designs with an educational talk at each by builders, contractors, and owners. Every year it’s a totally different experience, and each time I’m blown away by […]

The Future of Real Estate – the Green MLS

Reprinted from the Yampa Valley Voice, August 2014 Good for the buyer, even better for the seller: The Green MLS and the HERS Index The Future of Real Estate Would you ever buy a car without looking at the miles-per-gallon (MPG) or safety rating? Of course not! When you buy a car, you want to […]

Buying Into Solar Power, No Roof Access Needed

Reprinted from the New York Times By DIANE CARDWELL JUNE 19, 2014 Like many consumers, David Polstein had already done much to reduce energy use in his large Victorian home in Newton, Mass. He replaced his appliances with energy-efficient models, installed better heating and put in new insulation. But he was unable to get a solar system […]

Sustainability is… Teaching children

Seven Ways to Teach Children about Sustainability and Why it is Important by guest blogger Ashley Hardway Although the movement for sustainability throughout the world has gained a great deal of attention since 2005, forward momentum needs to be addressed for children. As each generation replaces the other in politics and corporate management, it will […]