Want to be greener? Learn more about sustainability in the Yampa Valley:

Talking Green event to feature 3 speakers on waste, energy technology

Written by Lizzy Markman, YVSC Intern Community members are invited to learn about anaerobic digestion, a technology that turns food waste into energy, at Yampa Valley Sustainability Council’s monthly Talking Green event on Tuesday, February 28, 5:30 – 6:30 p.m. at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church (Fellowship Hall). Yampa Valley Sustainability Council is raising awareness about […]

Sustainability Council launches community campaign to reduce household food waste ‘Food too Good to Waste’ kick-off event Jan. 24

Written by YVSC Staff This year Yampa Valley Sustainability Council is working to reduce the amount of food local families throw away to help save money and conserve natural resources. The organization will kick off this food waste reduction campaign at its monthly Talking Green education event “Food too Good to Waste” at 5:30-7 p.m. […]

Sustainability Council targets needless household food waste in 2017

Article adapted from the Steamboat Today article by Tom Ross When the Yampa Valley Sustainability Council prepares a hearty soup for the community in mid 2017, it promises to be instructional as well as flavorful, as it makes an important point about food waste. Anne Mudgett, YVSC’s Program and Development Director, said Dec. 7 during the […]

Every Day is Earth Day

Article adapted from the Steamboat Pilot’s Community Agriculture Alliance Column Written by Cameron Hawkins and Larisa Woycio, Yampa Valley Sustainability Council Since Earth Day always falls during our season-ending spring break week, Yampa Valley Sustainability Council is dedicating a month to celebrate “Every Day is Earth Day” and raise awareness of local sustainability efforts.  April […]

The strange life of bees, with David Truly

David Truly considers his beekeeping a hobby, but between keeping 6-12 hives, harvesting 20-60 gallons of honey per hive and selling it on the Local Food Marketplace, and starting the Beekkeeping club for like minded keepers, one could tell from his comprehensive, education talk this past Tuesday night at Talking Green, bees are his life. […]

Beekeeping and Pollinators, tonight at CMC

From the Steamboat Pilot and Today “To have bees is fairly simple, but the longer you are into it, the more you get interested in all the different facets,” said beekeeper David Truly, of Truly Family Farm, near Oak Creek. “Beekeeping is as much an art, as a science. The more you learn, the more […]

What’s new with Solar – Talking Green November 2015

Last night’s “What’s new with Solar” Talking Green was our last TG event of 2015 and we had a full house – a packed Moots Factory welcome room, with 62 participants who heard from 5 speakers including solar installers Brightside Solar and Emerald Mountain Energy, community solar providers Clean Energy Collective, local electricity provider Yampa Valley Electric, […]

Calculating Greenhouse Gases, the Story of Bread – with CSU NRELs Mark Easter

Tuesday evening we hosted Mark Easter of CSU’s Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory to discuss his extensive knowledge on how agriculture produces greenhouse gases – in the forms of CO2 (Carbon), N2O (nitrogen), CH4 (methane). Easter used the analogy of the Story of Bread, and of what the affect of tilling, planting, fertilizing, applying pesticides, harvesting, transporting, baking, selling and then unfortunately […]

Recycling is valuable

In the past week, several people have sent us an opinion piece from the New York Times by John Tierney. http://www.nytimes.com/2015/10/04/opinion/sunday/the-reign-of-recycling.html In the article, Tierney suggests that recycling and composting are “costly and ineffectual” and it would be better for both the economy and the environment to landfill our waste. Ironically, this article was published within […]

Recycling old buildings is more efficient and sustainable

Last night’s Talking Green (in partnership with Historic Routt County) Creating Sustainable Communities by Investing in Older Buildings with Jim Lindberg, Senior Director of Preservation Green Lab (PGL) at the National Trust for Historic Preservation, highlighted extensive research on and comparisons between the practices of updating older historic buildings versus a new “green” building. Preservation Green Lab seeks to minimize carbon impacts from […]