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Community & Commercial Recycling Drop-Off – September 23

Saturday, September 23
9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Meadows Parking Lot
enter off of Mt. Werner Rd


For the first time, commercial recycling will be offered by appointment only from 1 – 4 p.m. If you are a business with hard-to-recycle items, please contact Cameron Hawkins at cameron@yvsc.org or sign-up for your appointment here. Businesses that arrive without an appointment will be turned away.

Interested in volunteering? We need you! Sign-up to volunteer online now or email cameron@yvsc.org.

Below is a list of items that will be accepted including information on the hauler and where the items go once collected. YVSC does the work for you by ensuring our haulers are recycling responsibly.

Blue Star Recyclers Logo


Blue Star Recyclers – Electronics Recycling
Accepts cash, check and credit cards
Fee: $0.55/LB
Items accepted:

Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 11.59.37 AM

Computer/Laptop DVR/VCR/DVD/CD player
Monitor Fax Machine
Tower Copier
Server Printer
Tablet Phone system
iPad Telephones
Smartphone All cables/cords and adapters
Cell phone Xbox/Wii/Playstation
TVs (including rear projection) Radio
A/V equipment Small household appliances
Recording equipment Microwave
UPS batteries Cable box
Router Satellite TV equipment
Switches E-reader
Keyboard Camera
Hub Camcorder
Mice External hard drive and storage devices
Stereo components (certified destruction)


Blue Star Recyclers is an award-winning 501c3 social enterprise with locations in Colorado Springs, Boulder and Denver, CO. Founded in 2009, our core mission is recycling electronics and other materials to create local jobs for people with autism and other disAbilities. Blue Star is e-Steward certified meaning no electronic waste goes outside the US borders and everything is recycled with high environmental goals and ethics.

By Recycling with Blue Star Recyclers you help:

Secure Data Drive Shredding
At Blue Star Recyclers we ensure your data by completely shredding hard drives and other data devices. We —

  • Guarantee data security of assets managed
  • Client-site data drive shredding available
  • Certificates of destruction available
  • Shred or data wipe all data devices
  • Validate data security handling processes through third-party audits



Spring Back Colorado Mattress Recycling
Items accepted: Mattress, box spring & foam-filled pillows only

Fee: $15/mattress or box spring, $7.50/foam-filled pillow
Accepts credit cards

Spring Back Colorado Mattress Recycling offers intentional, redemptive training and employment to disenfranchised people through environmentally responsible mattress recycling. Spring Back’s two locations process 6,500 mattresses per month and 93% of each mattress and 100% of box springs are recycled.  About 30 lbs of steel/foam/wood come from each mattress. Materials are extracted, bailed, sold and repurposed.

  • Steel – melted down and repurposed into new light weight steel products
  • Mattress ticking (exterior cover) – co-blended with mattress foam and made into carpet pad
  • Cotton – blended with former denim blue jeans and made into cellulose insulation for residential building applications
  • Plastic – melted and repurposed into new plastic products
  • Wood – converted into mulch and given away to the public

Not only is Spring Back making an impact on our environment, but also on the lives of their employees. Check out this video on Spring Back’s mission and achievements.

Brite IdeasBrite Ideas
Items Accepted & Fees: *Businesses see price sheet above
Accepts credit cards

Appliances with freon (small) $50 EA
Appliances with freon (medium) $75 EA
Appliances with freon (large) $125 EA
4’ Fluorescent Lamp Free
8’ Fluorescent Lamp Free
U-Tube/Circline Fluorescent Free
Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFLs) Free
2’ and Under Linear Pin Base Fluorescent Free
HID Lamps (Metal Halide, High Pressure Sodium) Free
Large CFL’s (i.e. 125 W Screw Base) Free
Incandescent/Halogen Lamps Free
Shattershield/Shielded Fluorescent Lamps Free
UV Lamps Free
LED Lamps Free
Ni-Cad Batteries (Wet or Sealed) $1.70 LB
Lead Acid Batteries (Sealed) $1.70 LB
Lithium Batteries PRIMARY (Sealed) $5.00 LB
Lithium Batteries SECONDARY (Sealed) $2.50 LB
Mercury Containing Articles $10.00 EA
PCB Containing Ballast $2.00 LB
Non PCB Ballast (Magnetic) Free
Non PCB Ballast (Electronic E-Waste) $0.40 LB


Brite Ideas was started in 2012 to address a need for mercury lamp collection in the Vail Valley. Brite Ideas collects lamps and crushes them in their Glenwood Springs facility before the materials are repurposed. Once processed in Glenwood Springs, all items are recycled responsibly through Region 8 Enviro in Denver. 

Routt County Environmental HealthRoutt County logowaste-management-logo
Items accepted/fees: 

Paint (5 gallon max.) Free
Fertilizer $1/unit
Flammable materials TBD onsite
Gasoline $1/unit
Pesticides/Herbicides $1/unit
Aerosol $1/unit
Other materials TBD onsite

Routt County partners with Waste Management and PaintCare to ensure proper disposal and recycling of all hazardous materials.

PaintCare sites accept house paint, primers, stains, sealers, and clear coatings (e.g., shellac and varnish), but we do not accept aerosols (spray cans), solvents, and products intended for industrial or non-architectural use. The products we accept are referred to as “PaintCare Products” or “architectural paint,” and they must be in containers that are no larger than 5 gallons in size. Paint must be in its original container and the container must have an original printed label and a secured lid. We cannot accept open or leaking cans.

Axis SteelAxis Steel logo
Items accepted/Fees:

Scrap Iron / Light Tin FREE
Appliances without freon (Ovens, Stoves, Etc…) FREE
Refrigerator/Freezer WITH certified freon removal (must have tag of freon removal) FREE
Old Exercise Equipment FREE
Old Equipment that is Steel FREE
Car batteries (housing must be intact) FREE
Old Steel Drums (No Fluid) FREE
Propane tanks, fire extinguishers & beer kegs (MUST be depressurized with valve removed) FREE
Camping canisters (MUST be depressurized with valve removed) FREE
Bikes FREE

Located in Craig, CO, Axis Steel collects items, sorts them based on material before it is shipped to a larger facility or Steel Mill in Utah.

ski-haus-logoBW_NEW 2

Ski Haus
Items accepted: Bike tires/tubes, gently-used shoes, wine corks

Ski Haus is dedicated to recycling gently-used shoes, wine corks and bike tires and tubes. The shoes go to Soles for Soles in Golden, CO where they clean the shoes, put in new insoles and laces as needed, and then distribute to shelters and homes in need. The dress shoes go to homeless individuals or young women interviewing for jobs. The corks go to Sole foot beds and they are turned into new insoles for shoes that Ski Haus sells! Now that’s full circle. The bike tires and tubes are taken to Yampa Valley Tire Pros.

classic crank logo

Classic Crank Bike Shop
Items accepted: Bikes


The Classic Crank re-conditions bikes to make it mechanically sound by (as needed) overhauling the bottom bracket, headset and wheel hub bearings, replacing worn out brake and shift cables and housing, and installing new inner tubes and tires.  The bike will also be cleaned and tuned so it acts like new! Classic Crank will work with local non-profits to identify under-served individuals, kids or adults, locally who are in need of a bicycle. Through these non-profit partnerships, the classic crank bicycle shoppe will pass along the re-conditioned bikes to these individuals who will use the bikes to go to school, commute to work or, maybe to just have fun!

Westside Automotive
Items accepted: Vehicle tires
Fee: $4/tire or $16/set

Locally owned and operated, Westside Automotive recycles all vehicle tires.

LiftUplift up logo
Items accepted: Clothing

LiftUp Routt County collect clothing to be sold in their thrift store. Clothing that is either not sold or taken out of the mix before going to the thrift store is taken to New Horizons to be given to families of the federally incarcerated. All leftover clothing is then turned into rags.

Eco-CycleEco-Cycle logo_blue

Items accepted: Books

The CHaRM collects books for recycling and reuse. Reused books support a whole network of good in our community through our CHaRM Book Reuse Program. Books are donated and recycled as stated below: 

Children and Charities: Books are shared with more than 40 local charities to promote literacy in at-risk populations. The books are made available for children to take home at locations including Attention Homes, Boulder County Headstart, Casa de la Esperanza, Samaritan House, People’s Clinic and Emergency Family Assistance Association.

Local Schools: Books are given to preschools and 34 schools that participate in Eco-Cycle’s Green Star Schools program.

A Local Book Reuse Company: An expert sorts through the books for valuable text and reference books to sell.

Eco-Cycle: The book reuse company splits the book sale profits with Eco-Cycle to help support the CHaRM.

Colorado Ski Furniturecolorado ski furniture logo
Items accepted: skis

Skis will be accepted at the YVSC tent and will be taken to Manitou Springs to Colorado Ski Furniture. The skis will then be used to make furniture.

Advance Auto PartsAdvance Auto Parts logo

Items accepted: Motor oil & antifreeze

Advance Auto Parts collects motor oil and antifreeze, which is picked up by Safety Kleen and sold to refineries to be recycled.

Aces High Services, Inc.
Items accepted: Single stream recyclingAces High logo

Aces High offers trash, waste removal and recycling in Routt County. Their recycling is compacted and transported to Alpine Disposal in Denver, CO where it is sorted and materials are taken to market.


Twin Enviro. ServicesTwinEnviro_Logo
Items accepted:

Organics (Yard Waste & untreated wood 4’+ ONLY)
Milner Mall Items- 
All items must be in good working condition. We do not repair or accept broken items.

Wood Dimensional lumber (6’and longer), sheets goods (1/2 sheets and larger), timbers, unpainted trim, engineer wood, barn wood with NO NAILS
Doors Steel clad, solid core, hollow core, pocket doors, full light, multi-pained, storm and screen doors, old doors.
Cabinets Must have all drawers and doors attached.
Flooring Wood, sub-floors, decking, hardwood, linoleum. NO NAILS
Masonry and stone Tile(unbroken and with out mortar or grout), granite, marble and slate.
Antique Items Windows, doors, collectibles, ornaments, tools, etc
Other Items Tools, Indoor and Out Door Furniture (NOT UPHOLSTERED ITEMS), Hardware, Electrical, Plumbing (All items most be in a box or bags)

*Twin staff has right to turn items away

Fees: All FREE

Twin Enviro collects all sorts of items for the Milner Mall and then sells it at a very discounted price to the community. The Milner Mall encourages the public and businesses to de-construct buildings rather than demolish them. Offer a place for owners to donate salvaged materials so they can be reused, which keeps materials out of landfills and saves natural resources. Due to limited space at the Mall, Twin Enviro. staff have the right to turn away items at the drop off event. No skis, bikes or broken items will be accepted. Cardboard is baled on site and organic material is broken down and used in the landfill and throughout the community.

Stagecoach State ParkSSP Logo
Item accepted: Fishing line

In association with Boat U.S. Foundation, Stagecoach State Park collects fishing line monofilament to be recycled. These plastic structures, which include recycled fishing line, are turned into fish-habs and can create habitat complexity in lakes and reservoirs, especially when installed under piers and fishing docks.

Items accepted: Packing peanuts


Item accepted: Plastic bags

Safeway collects plastics bags and then sends them to a company that makes decking, railing, fencing and furniture.
Funding Factory logo

Funding Factory

Items accepted: Ink cartridges & cell phones

Founded in 1997, FundingFactory and its participants have helped keep over 43.3 million pounds of items out of landfills, simply by collecting used toner and inkjet printer cartridges. Our mission is to recycle and remanufacture used toner and inkjet printer cartridges, giving items the second life that they deserve, while providing a simple way for organizations to earn money. Each and every item we receive is carefully inspected to determine if it can be reused or recycled. In 2014, FundingFactory’s facility reused, remanufactured or recycled 99% of all incoming material.

Empty toner and inkjet printer cartridges undergo a stringent six-point inspection to determine whether they can be reused. Reusable cartridges are then shipped to accredited remanufacturers and eventually returned to the marketplace. Damaged cartridges are sent to a licensed, state-of-the-art facility to generate electricity and steam, which is then sold as renewable energy. Click here for a Real-Time Sustainability Report.


Thank you 2017 Community Recycling Drop Off Sponsors!

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