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As a resource and catalyst for building a sustainable community, YVSC is committed to advancing energy productivity in the Yampa Valley through education and the support of community energy efficiency and renewable energy programs.

What is Energy Productivity?
Strictly defined, energy productivity is the ratio of economic output divided by energy consumption. But what does that mean?

Bottom line: It means producing more goods and services using less energy. That saves money, increases jobs, and reduces energy waste. (Alliance to Save Energy). It means for every dollar of revenue our community brings in, we’ll spend less on energy to do so.

Why Energy Productivity?

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Energy Productivity promotes economic competitiveness
In our rural resort community, energy productivity means a stabilized cost of living, funds for municipal services through cost savings, and long-term control over resort pricing.

The basis for this approach to economic competitiveness is based on four guiding principles:

  1. Entities that operate with lower overhead are more stable, profitable, and competitive over time;
  2. Proven technologies and energy management measures can increase energy efficiency with lower energy consumption without compromising comfort or level of service;
  3. Energy efficiency and renewable energy investments in local buildings, homes, and transportation create jobs and have a multiplier value of more than 2 for local economic benefit; and
  4. The economic benefits of energy efficiency, renewable energy and clean technology investments are retained locally.

YVSC’s Energy Education and Outreach
In partnership with our Green Building and Talking Green programs, YVSC provides workshops and presentations to educate residents, contractors, and business owners about energy productivity.

Upcoming events:
October 15: Sustainable Homes Tour

Past events:
The Future of Coal
Energy in the Home
SIGA Air Sealing Workshop
Energy Masters
Energy Efficiency – CSU Extension

Community Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Partners and Resources
YVSC partners with local and regional businesses and nonprofits to support the following programs:

Cen$ible Energy (www.CensibleEnergy.org) is a rebate program available to Yampa Valley Electric Association (YVEA) residential and small business customers for sensible steps to save energy. Annual rebates are available up to $500 per customer for LED light bulbs, Energy Star appliances, programmable thermostats, energy audits and air sealing.

Yampa Valley CARE, or Colorado Affordable Residential Energy, is an income-qualified home energy efficiency upgrade program supported by funding from the nonprofit Energy Outreach Colorado and Colorado energy providers. The program assists low-income families whose annual gross household income is 80 percent or less of the area median income for Routt County. Selected families receive a free home energy assessment from a professional energy auditor followed by a variety of prioritized energy efficiency upgrades at no cost. Upgrades could include such items as:  furnace tune-up, insulation and air sealing, high-efficiency water heater, LED light bulbs and programmable thermostats. Applications for the program are available in English or Spanish at www.energysmartcolorado.com/incomequalified. For questions, email suzie@yvsc.org.

Directory of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy contractors
Energy productivity as economic competitiveness includes promoting and educating local contractors who provide services for energy efficiency and renewable energy.  To find a list of regional contractors for energy efficiency work, CLICK HERE. This list is a starting point for research to find suppliers and contractors and is not a direct endorsement. If you are a contractor who does local work in energy efficiency and renewable energy and would like to be included on this list, please email us at info@yvsc.org.

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