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Upcoming Events

2017 A-Z Recycle Guide (online guide)

2017 A-Z Recycle Guidelines (PDF)
2017 Recycle Guidelines in Spanish

Upcoming Events:
Community and Commercial Recycling Drop-Off
Saturday, May 12
Meadow and Knoll Lots
More details to come

Update: Yampa Valley Electric Association is now accepting CFL and tube lights for recycle.

What can I recycle?
Where can I recycle?
What can go in plastic bag recycling?
Hard to Recycle Items
Green Machine Schedule

What can I recycle?

Check your haulers guidelines for accepted materials.

Aces High – (970) 870-6500
Twin Enviro. – (970) 879-6985
Waste Management – (970) 879-2400

*Green Machines in Oak Creek and Yampa are serviced by Waste Management, click here for their guidelines.

Where can I recycle?

1) Curbside Options
These haulers pick up every other week and cost is included in residential trash removal.

Aces High – (970) 870-6500
Twin Enviro Services – (970) 879-6985
Waste Management – (970) 879-2400

2) Drop Off Recycling Centers – fee based
If you are not a customer with Waste Management and do not have curbside pickup available, you can drop off 3×32 gallon bags of recyclables for $8.50 at Waste Management’s Drop Off Site at 2701 Downhill Drive, Steamboat Springs, Monday through Friday 9 AM – 3 PM (no Saturday or Sunday hours).

3) Public Drop Off Sites – “Green Machines”
These containers are for residents who do not have other options, not for businesses or those who can have curbside. See above to get home pick-up of recycling. A full list of dates and locations available here.

  • Yampa: 2nd full week of the month at Ladies Aid Hall, 83 East 1st St.
  • Oak Creek: 4th full week of the month at Oak Creek City Park
  • North Routt: Clark store (membership required)

If you use these locations, please consider donating to ensure the program continues! Donate now to YVSC now!

What can go in plastic bag recycling?

City Market and Safeway both participate in the Bag-2-Bag® recycling program. The following items can be recycled. For more information on what can and cannot go in the plastic bag recycling, click here.

Please recycle these in Bag-2-Bag®: (Full list available)

  • Plastic retail bags
  • Produce bags
  • News Paper Bags
  • Dry Cleaning Bags
  • Cereal Box liners
  • Paper towel and toilet paper wrap
  • Over wrap on cases of soda or canned vegetables
  • Sealed air pouches in mailed packages
  • Ziploc and other zipper style bags—please remove zippers prior to recycling

Please Do Not Recycle These In Bag-2-Bag®

  • Salad and other pre-prepared vegetable bags
  • Frozen vegetable bags
  • Pet food bags
  • PVC or PVDC (Saran) films (meat wrap is PVC)
  • Polystyrene, polyurethane foamed, polypropylene
  • PETE trays
  • Plastic bottles
  • Hazardous materials, medical wastes, or packages of these products
  • Metal

Hard to Recycle Items?

Computer and electronic equipment that has outlived its useful life should be properly recycled and is illegal to put in the landfills of Colorado per new statute (2013). Businesses, academic institutions, and residents can recycle these items several places in Routt County. Check out the A-Z Recycle Guide for a full list of drop-off locations.

Household hazardous waste and other hard to recycle items are accepted once annually through YVSC’s Community Recycle Drop-Off in October. View the 2017 Recycle Guide for specific local locations for items such as batteries, bike tires, cell phones, fluorescent bulbs, tires, wood, etc..

Questions? Contact Cameron Hawkins, Waste Diversion Director 970-871-9299 ext. 107

Green Machine Schedule

Yampa, Ladies Aid Hall, 83 East 1st St.
(the Green Machine will be in Yampa Mon. – Mon. the 2nd full week of each month)
Jan. 7 – 13
February 11 – 17
March 11 – 17
April 8 – 14
May 13 – 19
June 10 – 16
July 8 – 14
Aug. 12 – 18
Sept. 9 – 15
Oct. 7 – 13
Nov. 11 – 17
Dec. 9 – 15

Oak Creek, Oak Creek City Park
(the Green Machine will be in Oak Creek Mon. – Mon. the 4th full week of each month)
Jan. 21 – 27
Feb. 25 – March 3
March 25 – 31
April 22 – 28
May 27 – June 2
June 24 – 30
July 22 – 28
Aug. 26 – Sept. 1
Sept. 23 – 29
Oct. 21 – 27
Nov. 25 – Dec. 1
Dec. 23 – 29