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ReTree Steamboat

Thank you to all the volunteers who helped with the 2016 Community ReTree Planting Day!

The 2016 ReTree Steamboat events started in May and have continued through the summer. Steamboat Springs Middle School students help plant more than 200 trees behind the school, in the area of the new outdoor theater. North Routt Community Charter School students planted almost 300 trees and shrubs, to replace seedlings planted in 2014, that didn’t survive, and enhance a small garden in the front of the school. Students from RMYC’s Service Learning Corps, helped fence and water the trees at the High School through the summer as well as care for trees planted in 2015 at Stagecoach State Park. Local Daisy Troop members and their families helped pot small willows and alder seedlings in June in preparation for our upcoming community tree-planting event.

ReTree History

ReTree Steamboat was founded in 2010 by Tristan Frolich after he won a $20,000 grant from Sun Chips and National Geographic.  The inaugural “ReTree Colorado” event jump-started reforestation in areas devastated by the Mountain Pine Beetle epidemic. That day, not only were thousands of trees planted, but volunteers also united together to create change in their community and surrounding environment.

The incredible success of the first ReTree event inspired YVSC to foster its continuation, making ReTree an annual event, renaming it to “ReTree Steamboat” for better regional branding, and partnering with Colorado State Forest Service for technical support. Since 2010, YVSC has engaged 2,458 volunteers to plant and care for 25,165 trees as part of our ReTree program! For this work, YVSC was recognized, in 2015, by the Arbor Day Foundation for Excellence in Volunteer Management.

The goal of ReTree is to plant and care for site-specific native tree species that will help increase the diversity, structure, health and resilience of local forests and riparian areas and connect the local community, especially youth, to their forest and environment in a meaningful, hands-on way.

Although the Mountain Pine Beetle epidemic was the impetus for ReTree, the event has now evolved to focus on the bigger picture of getting people connected and committed to their community forests. This change has led to a focus on quality over quantity of trees planted, consultation and collaboration with local foresters on diversity of species planted, education of ReTree participants about how a forest works, a long-term investment in the survival of trees, and, above all, a change in the relationship between participants and their local forests (community forestry).

Since 2010, the ReTree event has coordinated volunteer plantings at these locations – Spring Creek Trail, Mount Werner, Steamboat Lake State Park, Emerald Mountain, Strawberry Park Elementary, Soda Creek Elementary, Dry Creek Park, North Routt Community Charter School, Steamboat Springs High School, Stagecoach State Park, Yampa River Core Trail, and Chuck Lewis State Wildlife Area.

In addition to tree planting, ReTree has also evolved to include youth environmental education, stewardship and monitoring of the newly-planted seedling trees. The purpose of this aspect of the project is to increase environmental literacy students’ understanding of factors affecting health and survival of trees, instill a lifelong appreciation for trees, and inspire students to protect the trees and forests that play such a significant role in their sense of place and quality of life in Northwest Colorado.

2017 ReTree sponsorship

Thank you to our 2016 ReTree Steamboat sponsors!


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A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in. – Greek Proverb



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