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Energy Education

Soda Creek Energy Ninjas during the Sustainable Schools Take Charge Challenge

Soda Creek Energy Ninjas during the Sustainable Schools Take Charge Challenge

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Back-to-School Energy Campaign
The Sustainable Schools program provides educational workshops and materials for school administrators and staff to learn about ways to save money by reducing energy use. YVSC offers educational assemblies, posters, light switch stickers and videos. Various trainings also are available upon request. Contact schools@yvsc.org

Since 2012, YVSC, in collaboration with students from the Sustainability Program at Colorado Mountain College (CMC), has facilitated the annual Take Charge Challenge, an energy education campaign. YVSC and the CMC students present to classes, assemblies, and through videos to teach students in the district about energy conserving behaviors.  They also provide posters, checklists, and power-strips to reinforce these behaviors. Schools in the district compete to see which school can reduce its energy use the most, and the winning school is awarded the Energy Trophy.  YVSC has prepared the proposal: Saving Energy and Money through Behavior Change, Energy Conservation Guide for Faculty, Staff, and Students, distributed to district administration and facilities staff and presented at staff meetings.

Energy Education Objectives
• Maintain the energy conservation guide and train interested schools’ staff on energy conservation
• Foster the Take Charge Challenge in which local schools compete in reducing their energy use
• Continue to engage new schools within Routt County to participate in the Take Charge Challenge

Challenge Winners
February 2014 Soda Creek Elementary
February 2013 Soda Creek Elementary
February 2012 Strawberry Park Middle School

Cooper Jones charges an iPhone with an energy bike

Energy Bikes Project
The Energy Bike Project came to life through the collaborative efforts of a brainstorming fifth-grader, a grant-writing teacher, the high school engineering club and community volunteers. The project provides student-created stationary energy bikes and grade-specific curriculum for K-5 students to teach about how electricity is generated and why energy conservation and renewable energy are important. The energy bikes not only generate electricity through student “leg power,” they provide a demonstration of energy concepts that are part of the curriculum. The bikes show the amount of electricity generated, and store electricity in a battery cell that can then be used to charge a classroom iPad or play music.

The Energy Bikes are available to check out for education lessons and community events. Contact schools@yvsc.org.

Non-Idling Education
Unnecessarily idling engines are a multi-faced concern related to excess energy use, petroleum waste reduction, air quality and student health. Sustainable Schools works with local educational initiatives such as Spare the Air to educate students, parents, drivers and bus employees about the health and environmental dangers of engine fumes. Drivers waiting at the schools are asked to park and dress appropriately so that they can turn off their engines after 10 seconds. The air pollution at schools becomes especially problematic when multiple idling cars are gathered at drop-off and pick-up times where children with susceptible developing lungs are waiting. Learn more with links to information sheets in the Resource section below.

Energy Diet
Sustainable Schools also helped to distribute program information on the Northwest Colorado Energy Diet where families are challenged to save energy at home through progressive steps and a clear checklist. The program provides a tool to help modify behaviors at home to save money on energy bills and save energy usage. Learn more at http://yampavalleypartners.com/project/energy-diet-challenge/

Resources (PDFs)
Carbon Footprint Curriculum
Children Breathing – Turn Your Engine Off info sheet
Idle-Free Schools info sheet