Want to be greener? Learn more about sustainability in the Yampa Valley:

Take Action on climate change locally

Take Action stampColorado is two degrees warmer than it was 30 years ago. We are already seeing examples of climate change impacts on the local environment: changes in snow season length, early spring run-off, hotter, drier summers, wildfires, diseases and threats to the health of forests.

In 2018, YVSC is mobilizing our community to address climate change locally. We are excited to announce that four of our Talking Green events in 2018 will feature expert climate change speakers from outside the region to inspire our community to take action. Please mark your calendar and join us!

Take the pledge


Climate Change: Simple, Serious, Solvable

January 23
6:30 p.m.
Bud Werner Memorial Library
with CSU professor Scott Denning

A dynamic, sought-after speaker who makes climate science accessible—and even sometimes humorous—Dr. Denning is Monfort Professor of Atmospheric Science at CSU and is known for his research into atmosphere-biosphere interactions and atmospheric carbon dioxide. If you are feeling despondent about climate change, Dr. Denning will give you hope.

Take the Pledge

YVSC also encourages you to take the pledge to reduce your carbon footprint. Choose two or more actions from the list and help fight climate change in the Yampa Valley.

1. Calculate your carbon footprint to identify ways you can shrink yours – Use the EPA’s online calculator at www3.epa.gov/carbon-footprint-calculator

2. Reduce the amount of food you throw away – Sign up for YVSC’s six-week Food Waste Challenge at www.yvsc.org/foodwaste by February 9.

3. Conserve energy by switching to LED lightbulbs – Save your receipt and apply for a Cen$ible Energy rebate of up to $100 or 10 bulbs at www.censibleenergy.org.

4. Recycle something you haven’t in the past – Visit YVSC’s A-Z Recycling Guide for information on local recycling options for hard-to-recycle materials like electronics, paint, mattresses and more at www.yvsc.org/a-zrecycleguide.

5. Use alternative transportation – Take the FREE bus, walk, bike or carpool one day a week.

6. Remember your reusable bags when you shop – Plastic bags are made from petroleum, clutter our landscape and pollute our environment—‘nuff said.

7. Buy used rather than new and repair items whenever possible – Check out YVSC’s guide to local repair, thrift and consignment shops at www.yvsc.org/repairguide.

8. Get a home energy assessment – Learn where your home leaks or is inefficient with a FREE or low-cost energy assessment. Sign up at www.energysmartcolorado.com.

9. Purchase carbon offsets – Offset your emissions and support in-state carbon reduction projects at www.coloradocarbonfund.org.

10. Avoid unnecessary vehicle idling – Idling impacts air quality, and modern engines need no more than 30 seconds of idling before driving gently. Learn more at www.yvsc.org/sparetheair.

11. Say NO to single-use stuff like bottled water, to-go cups, plastic bags, paper towels and straws – Purchase a reusable water bottle and coffee mug and bring them everywhere.

12. Save water and energy by installing high-efficiency, EPA WaterSense-rated showerheads and faucet aerators – Easy to install and inexpensive, both will lessen the demand on your hot water heater and reduce your utility bills. While you’re at it, set your hot water heater no higher than 120º.

13. Go plastic-free in your home – Switch to bar soap rather than liquid, use glass food storage containers instead of plastic and explore plastic alternatives in other areas of your home.

14. Install a programmable thermostat – Save 10–12% on your heating bills with this quick fix.

15. Eat local – Visit the Community Ag Marketplace for local meat, eggs, veggies, baked goods and more at www.caamarket.org.