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Talking Green

YVSC’s longest on-going program

Talking Green was started in April of 2007 with a comprehensive presentation by local Architect Rob Hawkins on the Green Building concept, a primary motivation behind starting the program as the building industry was at an all-time high in Steamboat. There were over 50 people that attended the meeting room at Rex’s, and Talking Green was born — sponsored by Fox Construction for the next two years in conjunction with the City of Steamboat Springs’ Green Team. YVSC took over the program starting in December of 2009, for a list of these following events, click on archive at the very bottom of this page. Talking Green is regularly held on the 4th Tuesday of the month at 5:30pm at various locations.  Talking Green serves over 400 locals and visitors annually and provides excellent marketing outreach for our sponsors!  If you’re interested in learning more about Talking Green Sponsorships, read our sponsor sheet here.

Thank you to our 2015 Sponsors:

2015 Talking Green

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What we’re doing in 2015:
October 27: Calculating Greenhouse Gas Emissions – Understanding all the factors with Mark Easter
November 17: What’s New with Solar: Get your Tax Credits Before They Are Gone
December: TBA

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Past Events:
September 29: Preservation Green Lab: Creating Sustainable Communities by Investing in Older Buildings – blog here
July 28: Green Gardens Downtown  Tour- Tour de Coop – page here
June 23: The Future of Aquaponics as Sustainable Food Systems with Kristen Cooper and Senator Gail Schwartz – blog here
May 26, 2015: The Colorado Water Plan with CWCB’s Jay Gallagher – blog here
May 5, 2015: Pump
(see Films page) – blog here
April 28, 2015: Feed People Not Landfills with EPA’s Virginia Till
- blog and video here
March 10, 2015: Seeds of Time (see Films page) -
blog review here
February 28, 2015: SIGA Workshop (alt date)

February 11, 2015: Food Chains (see Films page)
February 2, 2015: Passive House Design at Creekside Cafe –
blog and video here
January 15, 2015: Growing Cities Documentary at Library Hall (alt date)
December 2, 2014: Hanna Ranch Documentary
November 12, 2014: The 2014 Recycling Feasibility Study Results with Laurie Batchelder Adams –
November 2, 2014: Green Building Tour – touring three inspiring homes in Midvalley
September 2, 2014: Green Gardens Tour
Blog post and video/links
August 26, 2014: Historic Sustainability Video1 Video2
July 22, 2014: Thinking Outside the Car: Alternative transportation Video
June 24, 2014: GMO 201, genetically modified crops: methods, benefits, and concerns- View blog with video here
May 27, 2014: The State of the Watershed Plan

March 25, 2014: Predators: A Conversation with Ecologist George Wuerthner
February 25, 2014: Investing in Game Changers with Sam Jones, 201 – For the PowerPoint from this evening please email info@yvsc.org
January 28, 2014: Leveraging Waste with Future Pointe’s Brendan McCrann – View blog with video here
October 22, 2013: A place at the Table Documentary –   For more on this movie click here
September 24, 2013: Green Drinks and Global Warming Cocktail Party - Where we got the inspiration for this one
August 27, 2013: A Panel of experts on Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO)- View blog post with link to video recording of the event
July 23, 2013: 4th annual Garden Tour to Elkstone Gardens with Michael Thompson, Permaculture specialist from Basalt, CO- View blog post with link to viedo recording of the event!
June 25, 2013: Making good dirt: BioChar and local Compost – View blog post here with link to video recording of the event
May 28, 2013: An evening on Water with Stephen Grace, Author of Dam Nation- View blog post here with link to video recording of the event
April 30, 2013: Buying your next Green Car with Mike Ogburn of CLEER -  View blog post here with presentation and photos
March 26, 2013:  Local Foods and Community Supported Agriculture -
View blog post with videos of the panelists
February 26, 2013:  Transition 2.0- A story of resilience and hope in extraordinary times – View the movie here; this evening spawned two focus groups on Energy and Local Food 
January 22, 2013: Green Building Products with David Adamson, EcoBuild -
  Download Presentation
December 22, 2012: Ozzie Zehner and Green Illusions: Enviros, Time to Retool! – 
View Pilot article here
November 27, 2012: The Future of Waste: Innovation, Sustainability, Technology – View Video here   Download Hutch’s Presentation here   View Pilot article here
October 21, 2012: Green Building Tour –
View videos here    TV18 Video here
August 28, 2012: Growthbusters Film –
View the film’s website     Check it out at CMC
July 24, 2012: 3rd Annual Garden Tour and Talks  –
View video here     Blog Post here
May 22, 2012:
Sustainability in Historic Routt County- View video here

Look further back with the 2008-2012 Talking Green Archive