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Talking Green

YVSC’s longest on-going program

Talking Green was started in April of 2007 with a comprehensive presentation by local Architect Rob Hawkins on the Green Building concept, a primary motivation behind starting the program as the building industry was at an all-time high in Steamboat. There were over 50 people that attended the meeting room at Rex’s, and Talking Green was born — sponsored by Fox Construction for the next two years in conjunction with the City of Steamboat Springs’ Green Team. YVSC took over the program starting in December of 2009, for a list of these following events, click on archive at the very bottom of this page. Talking Green is regularly held on the 4th Tuesday of the month at 5:30pm at various locations.  Talking Green serves over 400 locals and visitors annually and provides excellent marketing outreach for our sponsors!

YVSC’s Talking Green is a member of the international Green Drinks program.

2018 Talking Green Sponsorship Information

Thank you to our 2018 Sponsors


Past Events:

January 23: Climate Change: Simple, Serious, Solvable (PPF Presentation) (Video)
January 8: Inconvenient Sequel
November 14: Tiny Homes in Routt County (part II) (View video) (PDF Presentation) (PDF Presentation) (PDF Presentation)
October 15: Sustainable Homes Tour: Making Green Building Work for Everyone
September 26, 2017: The Future of Coal (View video)  (PDF Presentation)
August 24, 2017: Elkstone Garden Tour
July 25, 2017: Green Drinks
June 17, 2017: EV Ride-N-Drive
May 23, 2017: Residential Water Efficiency: Not a Drop to Waste
April 18, 2017: Green Drinks at Dude & Dans
March 23, 2017: At the Fork Documentary
February 28, 2017: Anaerobic Digestion: Turning Food Waste into Energy (View video) (PDF Presentation) (summary article)
January 24, 2017: Food Too Good to Waste (PDF Presentation)
January 25, 2017: Sustainable Business Education Breakfast (PDF Presentation)
December: No Talking Green this month
November 15, 2016: DIY Weatherization Clinic
October 23, 2016: Green Building Tour
September 27, 2016: Renewable Energy: The energy (r)evolution has begun – View video (PDF Presentation)
July 26, 2016: Green Drinks
June 28, 2016: Garden Tour – Attracting Pollinators – Blog here
June 18, 2016: EV Ride-n-Drive
May 24, 2016: Tiny Houses Panel Discussion and Tour (part I) – Blog and Video here  (PDF Presentation – Darrin Fryer; PDF presentation – Tyler Gibbs)
April 26, 2016: How Green is Your Sweater?: The Sustainability of Clothing – Video here (PDF Presentation)
March 24, 2o16: Just Eat It Documentary – documentary available on Amazon Prime
February 23, 2016: Beekeeping in Colorado: Learn how to keep and promote bee populations – Blog and video here
January 26, 2016: Role of Land Based Solutions to the Global Climate Strategy – Blog and video here
November 17, 2015: What’s New with Solar: Get your Tax Credits Before They Are Gone – Blog and video here
October 27, 2015: Calculating Greenhouse Gas Emissions – Understanding all the factors with Mark Easter – blog and video here
September 29, 2015: Preservation Green Lab: Creating Sustainable Communities by Investing in Older Buildings – blog here
July 28, 2015: Green Gardens Downtown  Tour- Tour de Coop – page here
June 23, 2015: The Future of Aquaponics as Sustainable Food Systems with Kristen Cooper and Senator Gail Schwartz – blog here
May 26, 2015: The Colorado Water Plan with CWCB’s Jay Gallagher – blog here
May 5, 2015: Pump (see Films page) – blog here
April 28, 2015: Feed People Not Landfills with EPA’s Virginia Till – blog and video here
March 10, 2015: Seeds of Time (see Films page) – blog review here
February 28, 2015: SIGA Workshop (alt date)
February 11, 2015: Food Chains (see Films page)
February 2, 2015: Passive House Design at Creekside Cafe – blog and video here
January 15, 2015: Growing Cities Documentary at Library Hall (alt date)
December 2, 2014: Hanna Ranch Documentary
November 12, 2014: The 2014 Recycling Feasibility Study Results with Laurie Batchelder Adams – Video
November 2, 2014: Green Building Tour – touring three inspiring homes in Midvalley
September 2, 2014: Green Gardens Tour Blog post and video/links
August 26, 2014: Historic Sustainability Video1 Video2
July 22, 2014: Thinking Outside the Car: Alternative transportation Video
June 24, 2014: GMO 201, genetically modified crops: methods, benefits, and concerns- View blog with video here
May 27, 2014: The State of the Watershed Plan
March 25, 2014: Predators: A Conversation with Ecologist George Wuerthner
February 25, 2014: Investing in Game Changers with Sam Jones, 201 – For the PowerPoint from this evening please email info@yvsc.org
January 28, 2014: Leveraging Waste with Future Pointe’s Brendan McCrann – View blog with video here
October 22, 2013: A place at the Table Documentary –   For more on this movie click here
September 24, 2013: Green Drinks and Global Warming Cocktail Party – Where we got the inspiration for this one
August 27, 2013: A Panel of experts on Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO)- View blog post with link to video recording of the event
July 23, 2013: 4th annual Garden Tour to Elkstone Gardens with Michael Thompson, Permaculture specialist from Basalt, CO- View blog post with link to viedo recording of the event!
June 25, 2013: Making good dirt: BioChar and local Compost – View blog post here with link to video recording of the event
May 28, 2013: An evening on Water with Stephen Grace, Author of Dam Nation- View blog post here with link to video recording of the event
April 30, 2013: Buying your next Green Car with Mike Ogburn of CLEER –  View blog post here with presentation and photos
March 26, 2013:  Local Foods and Community Supported Agriculture –View blog post with videos of the panelists
February 26, 2013:  Transition 2.0- A story of resilience and hope in extraordinary times – View the movie here; this evening spawned two focus groups on Energy and Local Food
January 22, 2013: Green Building Products with David Adamson, EcoBuild –  Download Presentation
December 22, 2012: Ozzie Zehner and Green Illusions: Enviros, Time to Retool! – View Pilot article here
November 27, 2012: The Future of Waste: Innovation, Sustainability, Technology – View Video here   Download Hutch’s Presentation here   View Pilot article here
October 21, 2012: Green Building Tour – View videos here    TV18 Video here
August 28, 2012: Growthbusters Film – View the film’s website     Check it out at CMC
July 24, 2012: 3rd Annual Garden Tour and Talks  – View video here     Blog Post here
May 22, 2012: Sustainability in Historic Routt County- View video here

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