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Recycling Guidelines

The 2016 Recycling Guide:

2016 Guide in English
2016 Guide in Spanish

2015-2016 Milner Mall Guide

*Where to recycle Political signs: Plastic bag-like signs can be recycled with plastic grocery bags at Safeway, City Market or Walmart. Steamboat’s Sears Hometown Store located at 1755 Central Park Drive has generously offered to collect the metal political sign frames for recycling as scrap metal. Please remove all plastic or cardboard signs from the frames before recycling. (Thank you, Sears!)

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What can I recycle?

Where can I recycle?
What can go in plastic bag recycling?
Compost Program
Hard to Recycle Items
Where does it go?

What can I recycle?

Single Stream Recycling is available in Routt County: This means that no sorting is required!

The following items can be recycled for curbside customers or at Waste Management or Twin Enviro drop off centers and in the Green Machines (Oak Creek, Yampa, Clark):

  • Junk mail and greeting cards (no plastic windows)
  • Paper egg cartons
  • #s 1-7 plastic bottles and jugs (no lids, no hazardous waste)
  • Clean, balled, aluminum foil (2″ or larger) and pie pans
  • Aluminum cans (do not crush or flatten)
  • Glass (all colors, rinse, no lids, labels OK)
  • Paperboard boxes (pizza, beer packs, cereal, etc)
  • Magazines, brochures, and catalogs
  • File folders
  • White or pastel office paper (no neon)
  • Phone books
  • Wax lined cartons (milk, juice, etc)
  • Cardboard- please flatten and use separate containers (not Green Machine)
  • Newspapers and inserts (no bags, ties or bundles)

Reminder: Please DO NOT put plastic shopping bags in with recyclables!

What can you recycle at Waste Management?

Where can I recycle?

1) Curbside Options
These haulers pick up every other week and cost is included in residential trash removal.
Waste Management – 970-879-2400
Aces High – 970-870-6500
Twin Enviro Services – 970-879-6985

2) Drop Off Recycling Centers – fee based
If you are not a customer with Waste Management and do not have curbside pickup available, you can drop off 3×32 gallon bags of recyclables for $8.00 at Waste Management’s Drop Off Site at 2701 Downhill Drive, Steamboat Springs, Monday through Friday 8 AM – 4 PM (no Saturday or Sunday hours).

3) Public Drop Off Sites – “Green Machines”
These containers are for residents who do not have other options, not for businesses or those who can have curbside. See above to get home pick-up of recycling. A full list of dates and locations available here.

  • Yampa: 2nd full week of the month at Ladies Aid Hall, 83 East 1st St.
  • Oak Creek: 4th full week of the month at Oak Creek City Park

If you use these locations, please consider donating to ensure the program continues! Donate now to YVSC now!

What can go in plastic bag recycling?

City Market and Safeway both participate in the Bag-2-Bag® recycling program. The following items can be recycled. For more information on what can and cannot go in the plastic bag recycling, click here.

Please Recycle These In Bag-2-Bag®

  • Plastic retail bags
  • Produce bags
  • News Paper Bags
  • Dry Cleaning Bags
  • Cereal Box liners
  • Paper towel and toilet paper wrap
  • Over wrap on cases of soda or canned vegetables
  • Sealed air pouches in mailed packages
  • Ziploc and other zipper style bags—please remove zippers prior to recycling

Compost Program

Since 2010, Twin Enviro Services hosts a commercial industrial compost facility at its Milner location that Steamboat Ski Area, YVSC, the City of Steamboat Springs, Routt County, and local restaurants, businesses, and even residential customers participate in.

To sign up for the residential program, email milner@twinenviro.com or call 970-879-6985 to have your food waste picked up.

Through this program, excellent soil amendments are also available.

Hard to Recycle Items?

Computer and electronic equipment that has outlived its useful life should be properly recycled and will soon no longer be allowed to enter the landfills of Colorado per new statute (2013). Businesses, academic institutions, and residents can use one of the following resources to recycle their E-Waste (fees apply):

1. Waste Management – 970-879-2400
2. Twin Enviro Services – 970-879-6985
3. G&S Mountain Recyclers – 970-736-2364

Household hazardous waste and other hard to recycle items are accepted once annually through YVR’s Community Recycles Drop Off Day in October.  Visit this page for current updates to this event.  Download the 2016 Recycle Guide for specific local locations for items such as batteries, bike tires, cell phones, fluorescent bulbs, tires, and wood.

Where do those Recyclables go?

Waste Management moved to Single Stream Recycling in 2007. This was implemented in an effort to make it easier to recycle and to decrease the cost of recycling (e.g., fuel, labor) in the Yampa Valley.

The process looks like this:

1) All recyclables (e.g., #1 – #7 plastics, glass, aluminum/tin/steel cans, office paper/junk mail, magazines, paperboard, newspaper) can be mixed together either in a curbside container or in the large container provided at the Waste Management Drop Off Center on Downhill Drive

2) All recyclables are then baled at the Steamboat Springs site of Waste Management on Downhill Drive

3) The bales are trucked to the Franklin Street MRF in Denver

4) All recyclables from the bales are mechanically sorted at the Franklin Street MRF, and then

5) All sorted recyclables are sent to the end product manufacturers.

Recyclables are being recycled! It is now easier and more cost effective with Single Stream Recycling.

Questions: contact Yampa Valley Recycles at 970-871-9299 ext. 103 or Waste Management at 970-879-2428