Want to be greener? Learn more about sustainability in the Yampa Valley:

Take Action on climate change in 2018

Article adapted from Steamboat Today It’s resolution time — fitness, food, finances, personal growth. In 2018, Yampa Valley Sustainability Council is resolved to mobilize our community around climate action. This year, consider making a resolution to reduce your carbon footprint. Below are strategies for taking action on climate change in your daily life. To ensure […]

Waste Reduction Round-Up set for Aug. 19

Adapted from Steamboat Today Are bottle caps recyclable? Should I throw away the milk if the date on the carton has passed? How do I use fewer chemicals to keep bugs off my plants or clean my house? We all want to do our part to reduce waste and put fewer chemicals in our environment, […]

Reusable Shopping Bag Giveaway this Earth Day

On Earth Day, Saturday, April 22, starting at noon while supplies last, YVSC will be at City Market handing out free reusable shopping bags, “Remember Your Bag” hangers, and information about the negative impacts of plastic bags in our community. Every year in the U.S., consumers use about 100 billion plastic bags. To produce these plastic […]

Recycling glass becomes more viable in Steamboat thanks to Broomfield processing plant

Article adapted from the Steamboat Today Steamboat Springs — Discarded beer bottles never looked as good as they do now, after Momentum Recycling opened a glass sorting, cleaning and crushing facility in Broomfield. A Denver spokesman for Waste Management, the largest trash hauler in Northwest Colorado, confirmed Tuesday that his company began a week ago trucking […]

Recycling Tip 7: VHS Tapes, CDs, DVDs, and cases

Tip 7 in our Recycling PSA series: Tapes, CDs, DVDs, and cases: Most CD and DVD cases are recyclable IF they have a mobius symbol located on the spine of the case, sometimes hard to find. The disks and tapes are not accepted in traditional recycling. Yes, you can recycle them, but not easily – separating […]

Recycling Tip 4: To-go coffee and soda cups

Tip #4 in our series:  Paper/plastic to go cups Another item that confuses the masses are disposable paper cups with plastic lids. It goes without saying how much Recycling Champions cut down on the waste stream by bringing their own coffee cup and skipping the fast food lane all together.  But we’re human… so what […]

Recycling Tip 3: Plastic Bags

Tip 3 in our installment of TV18 PSAs: Plastic Bags Even though plastic bags have a mobius and are recyclable, they can not be put in traditional (household or dumpster) recycling streams. They are considered a “soft plastic” which requires a different recycling process than 1-7 hard plastics. There are more soft plastics accepted than […]

Recycling Tip 2: Plastic caps, straws, utensils

Second in our series of TV18 Recycling PSAs: More on Plastics Recycling is an industry that is frequently changing. At all of our Zero Waste events, we are constantly educating about what is the proper way to recycle the plastic lids on plastic bottles, plastic straws, and plastic utensils.  Confusing the issue is the compostables […]

Recycling Tip 1: What’s a Recycling Mobius? What if your item doesn’t have a mobius?

Happy America Recycles Day!  Started by the National Recycling Coalition in 1997, ARD was adopted as an event in 2009 by Keep America Beautiful and falls annually on November 15th. In honor of ARD, we kick off our 2013-2014 season of TV18 Recycling Tips with the mobius – that mystical Recycling symbol that has confused […]

YVR/YVSC Collecting Reusable Bags for Saturday Markets

With the goal of reducing the number of plastic and paper disposable bags handed out at the Saturday Farmers Markets from now until September, YVR and YVSC are beginning a collection of your “overstock” of reusable grocery bags (cotton, mesh, or other) so that we may distribute these at our Zero Waste tent at these […]