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Local schools track lunchroom waste as part of Waste-Free Lunch Challenge

To understand and reduce school lunchroom waste on a national level, the Environmental Research and Education Foundation has launched the School Cafeteria Discards Assessment Project (SCrAP). As part of its annual Waste-Free Lunch Challenge, Yampa Valley Sustainability Council recruited Emerald Mountain School, Mountain Village Montessori, Strawberry Park Elementary, Soda Creek Elementary and Steamboat Springs Middle School to […]

Routt County CSU Extension: The dating game

Understand what food label dates really mean Article adapted from the Steamboat Today What do you do when you discover the date on some of your canned goods has passed? Do you use them anyway? Do you throw them out? Confusion about food date labels is a growing problem as consumers have become more aware […]

Want to get off unsolicited mailing lists?

By Suzie Romig, YVSC Energy Outreach Coordinator If you order online this holiday season, be sure to watch for a button to “uncheck” so that you won’t be listed on a lifetime mailing list just for ordering that gift from the one-time-only-shopping-company for cousin Bob. If you do end up on unwanted mailing lists, here […]

Sustainability Council targets needless household food waste in 2017

Article adapted from the Steamboat Today article by Tom Ross When the Yampa Valley Sustainability Council prepares a hearty soup for the community in mid 2017, it promises to be instructional as well as flavorful, as it makes an important point about food waste. Anne Mudgett, YVSC’s Program and Development Director, said Dec. 7 during the […]

April “Stools” day

Keeping our streets and water ways clean requires a community effort! This April 18th, Steamboat Sustainable Business Consortium’s Gold-certified SSBC Member Pet Kare Clinic will host their annual April Stools Day, a day of volunteerism devoted to removing dog waste from commonly used dog walking areas to reduce pollutants entering the area’s surface and groundwaters.  It […]

YVV – Continuing the conversation on Recycling

Reprinted from February 2015 Yampa Valley Voice   Continuing the conversation on Recycling Taking Action – Reducing the Cost to Recycling It’s past time for us to make waves when it comes to recycling.  It’s time for us to come together as a community and make some big decisions.  It’s time to do something. At […]

Waste Management enacts fee for recycling service at yard

If you haven’t heard, Waste Management began charging non-customers for recycling drop off at the Downhill Drive location, effective today (January 6, 2014). We realize this impacts our recycling efforts, including the Green Machine, and are currently working with both City and County, as well as haulers, on finding reliable long-term solutions for the public’s […]

Recycling Tip 9: Where do my recyclables go?

We’ve heard it time and time again: I don’t recycle because I know it all goes to the landfill.  RUBBISH! (pun intended) Riddle me this: recyclables such as aluminum and cardboard are hot commodities, taking in about $2 a pound right now. Loads that go to the landfill cost about $15 a truckload. So if […]

Recycling Tip 5: Electronics

Fifth in our installment of Recycling Public Service Announcements at Steamboat’s own TV18: Electronic Waste As of July 2013, residents of Colorado are in violation of new solid waste regulations when they dump electronic waste in the trash, or at an unknown dumpster. While it has been for many years and continues to be a violation […]

TV18 Recycling Series launched!

Thanks to a generous sponsorship from Steamboat TV18, Yampa Valley Recycles’ Emilie Rogers and Zero Waste’s Carol Wilson filmed 10 Recycling Tips that will run all winter long on this station for visitors and local to learn more about the mystery behind recycling.  From bulbs to plastic bags and many things in between, stay tuned […]