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Waste Diversion

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Our waste diversion efforts are based on the core principle:

Less waste means fewer greenhouse gases.

This principle guides our efforts to reduce the “downstream” waste in our local community, as well as the “upstream” waste occurring locally and in the larger global community. For every garbage can placed at the curb in the Yampa Valley, there are 87 cans worth of materials that come from the extraction industries-such as timber, agricultural, mining and petroleum-that manufacture natural resources into finished products (World Resources Institute).

In preparation for newly adopted statewide waste diversion goals, Routt County Department of Environmental Health requested YVSC prepare a paper to examine the importance of waste diversion in Routt County as it relates to the broader regional and statewide landscape. View the paper here. 

Check out this video from the first stakeholder meeting of the NW Colorado Regional Waste Diversion Study. Interested in getting involved? Email cameron@yvsc.org.

Waste Diversion 101 training is now live!
This short training covers what can actually go in the recycling, how to set up a sustainability and DIY station and how you can reduce waste at home and save money.

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