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Food Waste

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Take the Food Waste Challenge

February 27-April 10food infographic

We are partnering with the EPA, Food Too Good to Waste campaign to launch a local Food Waste Challenge. We are recruiting families to participate in a pilot program that will track and reduce your household food waste. We will provide each family in the challenge a bucket for measuring preventable food waste each week, as well as educational resources, fridge signs, menu planning information and other resources and support along the way.

Will you take the challenge? Email food@yvsc.org for more information on how you can reduce food waste.

Food Waste Challenge Resources

Challenge Instructions
Food Too Good to Waste Facebook Group
Weekly Tracking Sheet
Articles, blogs, videos and tools

EPA’s Food: Too Good to Waste Strategies

1. Smart Shopping – Buy only what you need. Shop your fridge first. Then, make a shopping list with the Meal Planner and Shopping List template based on how many meals you expect to eat at home. If you buy only what you expect to use, you will be more likely to use it and keep it fresh.

2. Smart Storage – Keep food fresh and avoid spoilage. Store produce so it stays fresh longer using the Fruit & Vegetable Storage Guide.

3. Smart Prep – Prep now, eat later. Use the Smart Prep Guide and prepare foods soon after shopping to make it easier to whip up meals later in the week saving money, effort and time.

4. Smart Saving – Eat what you buy. Know what is in your fridge and be mindful of leftovers and old ingredients. An “Eat Me First” sign can designate an area in your fridge for leftovers or food that won’t keep much longer.