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Why host a Sustainable Event? 

Hosting a Sustainable Event can result in lower event costs. While decreasing waste by diverting recyclable materials from the landfill, you will also be reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Beyond event waste reduction, this is an educational opportunity to encourage attendees to think about the lifecycle of our waste and how each one of us can reduce waste in our lives. Events are often a visitors first impression of our community. If we show them the environment and our natural resources are a priority, then they will take care of our city and public lands just like we do.

What is a Sustainable Event?


Due to Twin Enviro’s discontinuation of the residential compost program, events during the summer of 2017 will be called “Sustainable Events” and stations will consist of recycling and trash bins only. The focus of sustainable events is to look upstream at waste before it is even produced. As an Event Coordinator, it is your role to encourage your vendors to think about using less packaging, serving only with what utensil is needed, using as many re-usable materials as possible and eliminating any styrofoam. It is important to think about the life cycle of the products you are serving on and have a plan for recycling prior to the event. Interested Event Planers are encouraged to start early when planning a Sustainable Event.

How do I plan a Sustainable Event?

Coming soon. 

What requirements exist to host a Sustainable Event?

To ensure a successful Sustainable Event, all vendors must participate in waste reduction efforts. YVSC will provide a contract for Event Coordinators to send all vendors with purchasing guidelines and other useful information. This requires advance planning and ensures that strategies for waste reduction are thought about before the event and as many recyclable materials as possible are used. YVSC’s Waste Diversion Director is available to consult with your vendors as needed. We will take care of all recyclable materials and trash from event participants, but we are not responsible for Vendor waste. After the event, YVSC will send Event Coordinators a diversion rate of their event, including percentage of materials that were recycled or composted instead of landfilled and suggestions for next year. Each contract is event specific, so details may be negotiable.

To schedule or inquire about a Sustainable Event, please fill out the form below and YVSC will contact you directly.

2017 Summer Services
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Recycle Bin $20/bin
Trash Bin $20/bin
Sustainability Station $15/station
Hauling Fee $50/event
DIY Bins $10/station
Extra Compost bags $1.50/bag
Extra Recycle bag $1.50/bag
Water Monster
$55 ea.

YVSC has smaller recycle bins available at no charge to public.

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